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Truth about the Health of Newborns

Newborns begin life with no other language than their cries and grunts. Because of this, first time parents rarely recognize if their baby is sick. It is hard to be confident if you can’t see the indications of your baby’s illness. Crying will not be enough proof of your newborn’s condition. Asking some questions to yourself would somehow be of help in determining whether your child is ill or not.

• Is your child behaving unusual? Does your baby cry more than usual? Is your baby more irritable? Does your baby get enough sleep?
• Does your child eat well? Has the baby vomited twice or more? Did the baby vomited forcefully? Is the baby constipated? Does the baby’s stool watery? Is the baby’s urine color different from the usual?
• Does your child having hard time breathing? Are signs & symptoms of cough & colds visible?
• Does your child look different than the usual? Are rashes visible on your baby’s skin? Does your baby look pale?
• Is your child experiencing fever?

It is better to be knowledgeable about the Do’s and Don’ts in keeping your child healthy. As Doctor’s advice, “Prevention is better than cure”. Here are some tips that would guide you on how to take good care of your newborn child.

• Be knowledgeable about the illnesses and/or diseases a child may acquire. Examples of which are Leukemia, Asthma, Diabetes, Attention deficit/ Hyper activity Disorder, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Autism, and/or Obesity. Know their signs and symptoms and how could you possibly acquire them.

• Newborn babies must attain good diet not just after being given birth but also during pregnancy. Since we are exposed to environmental toxins due to vast discovery of new technology, the nutritional value of food intake is being neglected which results to unhealthy diet.

• Enough Fat intakes will be necessary for your child’s diet. Fats have fatty acids which provides building block for metabolism programming of brain growth and development. Examples of food intakes that are essential in gaining fatty acids are cod liver oil, egg yolks, raw whole milk and liver.

• Don’t always depend on advertisers. Advertisements are not always true. Learn to seek some answers and educate yourself to be more aware of the nutritional benefits of those products before buying it.

• Protect your child against infectious diseases through vaccinations. A one and a half month old child is the ideal age for his/her immunization. Through Vaccination, your child’s body system would produce antibodies that will make him/her immune of specific bacteria and/or viruses causing diseases.

• Your child being physically fit will not mean he/she is healthy. Your child must satisfy the other aspects – mental, emotional & social aspects. In order to gain mental, emotional and social development, as parents, you have to nurture them with proper care and attention they need.

• Breast Feeding is the best milk for your child. Aside from having no preservatives, it also, in a way, gives a strong bonding and attachment between you and your child.

• The food your child eats during his/her first months and years of his/her life has long lasting and/or even permanent effects. If so, provide yourself with information of the nutrients your child would need to acquire his/her optimum development.

• If you see some signs and/or symptoms of illnesses and/or even diseases, seek a doctor’s advice. It would be better if you right away bring your child to a nearby clinic or hospital to prevent the disease from getting worst.

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