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Giving Your Newborn a Bath

Giving your newborn a bath can be a great moment for both of you to relax and bond at the same time aside from hygienic purposes. Bathing your baby should be a fun experience but safety should always be emphasized and remembered. Here are some useful tips for you when bathing your baby.

Set a bathing schedule

You should set a specific time for your child's bath. Majority of babies will not have any problem with the time they will take a bath but it is particularly enjoyable when done before their sleeping time. It is also a great opportunity for you to take some pictures of your baby.

Never leave your baby

This is one of the most important rules that you have to follow when bathing your baby. Never ever leave your baby alone in the baby tub. They can easily drown in water that is only an inch deep. If something catches your attention, like when the door bell or telephone rings or when someone is clling outside the house, the best thing to do is to pick up the baby and wrap it up in a towel. YOu may carry the baby with you or leave it in the crib for a while. Never place your child in the tub when you are still filling it up since the baby may become uncomfortable with the change in the temperature as the water level increases.

Prepare all that you will need

Before starting, make a rundown of all the things that you will need to bathe your baby. Check your list if the baby shampoo, towel, wash cloth, diapers, alcohol pads, and ear buds are already there. Also don't forget to have a clean change of clothes ready for the baby. Babies get cold easily, that is why the room's temperature should be kept warm at all times. 70 to 80ºF is the ideal range for the rooms temperature.

Baby proof the bath tub

Bath tubs tend to be slippery and this cmay result to accidents and injuries. Placing a rubber matting should be able to solve this problem. This enables you to have a secure footing and offers greater stability. Cushioning for the spouts can be very useful to avoid nasty and painfulhead bumps. The sliding door's glass panel should be made of safety glass for additional safety. Don't allow your baby to touch the faucet or turn it. This might encourage him and since he will get stronger eventually, this may cause accidents and uneccesary fuss.

Washing the head

Washing the head of the baby should be reserved near the end of the bath. This is to minimize the baby's loss of body heat. Cleaning the head area should be easy since babies usually have only a small amount of hair. This can be accomplished by using a sponge and gently applying it over the head of the baby. Avoid wetting the baby's eyes since this will irritate it.

Increase the fun factor

Make the bathing time of your baby more enjoyable by using bath toys to engage the baby. Never use adult shampoo since this is too strong for your baby which is very sensitive. This may cause the baby irritations. Look for a good baby shampoo brand that has a no-tears formula.

These are some things that you can follow to ensure that bathing your baby is an enjoyable experience for both of you.

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