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Fashionably Pregnant

Celebrate Life with Fashion: Be Fashionable while Pregnant

When you’re pregnant, you’re expecting not only a lot of bodily changes, but also the birth and creation of a new life that’s going to make your life much better. Given that this period is a celebration of life, the best way to show your joy over your coming baby and feel good about yourself amidst all the changes you are facing is to dress fashionably during this period. While you may begin feeling overwhelmed about where to shop and what to look for in order to look good, you can always start by knowing that while you’re pregnant, it is possible to look good and fashionable. You may want to take to heart some of these tips in order to make pregnant fashion much easier for you!

Guideline number 1—Don’t be afraid to go over some old clothes you may have hidden inside your closet. Everyone has at least one or two pieces a little bit oversized from their regular size, and the period before your full pregnancy size may be a good time to make use of these clothes in stock. This way, you will get more money out of the clothes you previously bought (and, take note, wanted to wear). Moreover, maternity clothes tend to be more expensive, and the early stages of your pregnancy will require transition pieces that will no longer be useful once you’ve grown to your full shape and size. Your a bit oversized clothes snuck away in your closet will be great for this transition period!

When you don’t fit in any of your clothes, however, be willing to get yourself some maternity clothes—one time or another you’re going to have to make that purchase anyway. Best to not spend a part of your pregnancy uncomfortable in too-small clothes and get very little utility out of the maternity clothes you’re bound to get soon anyway.

Guideline number 2—There are a variety of dress cuts and lines that are most recommended as fashionable for women during their period pregnancy because they enhance the pregnant shape without the feel of bulkiness. You can opt for A-line or empress cuts for your dresses and tops. These dresses allow for you to show of some shoulders and upper body shape, while giving your belly comfortable room.

Guideline number 3—Embrace your curves! As many stars are beginning to show off their pregnant bodies, it’s beginning to become more fashionable to show off some skin, and even show off that belly occupied by your bundle of joy! Clothes that cling to the skin are also very much in vogue today because they best show that very much celebrated pregnancy fullness that you have. These trends give you a huge variety of fashionable options—from hanging tops, bandeaus, and even tube tops!

Guideline number 4—When in a store that specializes maternity clothing, remember that maternity clothes sizes are identified by the regular body sizes. This translates to the fact that when in a shop, make sure you get the same size that you would normally purchase should you not have been pregnant.

Guideline number 5—Now that you know the huge variety of clothes types and cuts that are increasingly becoming trendy with pregnant women, the best step now is to try to mix and match your clothes. Because pregnancy is not a permanent state and maternity clothes cost a tad bit more than your regular ones, it is possible that you will not see it practical to store up a huge variety of clothes. Therefore, to avoid wearing the same things over and over again, mix and match various tops and bottoms, and use tried and tested color combinations that will help your clothes work well together.

Guideline number 6—The last important thing to remember in pregnant fashion is to not be afraid to accessorize! That’s right—you shouldn’t be afraid to glam up once in a while even if you are pregnant. Remember, accessories can give even the most ordinary outfit the polished and sophisticated, or fun and flirty appeal, that you may want to sport during your pregnancy. Don’t be afraid to have fun with accessories, and similarly, use them in order to express your personality should the pregnancy clothes not fully encapsulate it.

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