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Dealing with Pregnancy Bloat

Pregnant women suffer from a lot of things because of physical changes that they need to undergo to prerare for childbirth. A drastic lifestyle change will have to be implemented to ease the discomforts of pregnancy.

A lot of pregnant women complain about bloating. Or at least they think they are bloated because of all the things that are happening in the abdominal area. Aside from the fact that
digestion slows down during pregnancy because of a certain hormone, the crowded feeling
caused by the expanding uterus adds up to the bloated feeling.

Nevertheless, here are some things to remember for pregnant women who are indeed,
or are only feeling bloated.

1. It's in the food!
It is alright for pregnant women to crave for food once in a while. But generally, pregnant women should watch the food they eat not just for the baby's sake, but for their sake as well. There are certain foods that make women bloated.

As a general reminder, legumes, sodas, and other heavy foods must be regulated to make the job easier for the stomach. There is a high tendency for pregnant women to feel constipated, so avoid heavy meals.

Fatty meals add up to the bloated feeling. But complex carbohydrates are the major cause because they take longer time to digest.

Also, keep a low-salt diet during pregnancy. High salt content in the diet will cause greater water retention as salt induces more fluids from cells to leak out.

Try to know what causes the bloated feeling by observing how certain foods make you feel after eating them.

To compensate for foods that you have to give up for a while, supplements are available to ensure a balanced diet.

But it doesn't end with what food you eat. It also depends on how it is eaten. For pregnant women, it is advised to eat more frequently with small amounts of food. It is also advised to drink liquids in between meals.

2. Water. Water. And more water.
Because of the imbalances in the body, and the increased internal activity, water is heavily utilized. Thus, the demand of the body for water increases. Lack of water in the body causes bloating as cells give off fluids to balance the water content inside and outside of the cell membrane.

3. Juice 'em up!
Some fruits are highly fibrous. And in as much as the vitamins and minerals of the fruit is needed, the fiber just cannot be tolerated. Fibers will just make the digestion process harder.

Extracting the juice from fibrous fruits will do the trick. The nutrients are absorbed without having to go through the troubles of constipation.

4. Raise those legs up!
Because of the added weight, normal circulation of fluids are impeded. Water imbalance occurs.

Raising the legs once in a while relieves the legs and feet of the weight. Normal distribution of bodily fluids resume. Once the water level is normalized, water retention is obstructed.

5. Always think positive.
More than all the tips given, all that will matter in the end is how these tips made you feel and think better about our situation.

A positive way of thinking makes any discomfort go away. Just think that in a few month's time, all the discomfort will be replaced by a blessing of life.

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